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Compilation retroarch/libretro

git clone git://
cd RetroArch
./configure --enable-ffmpeg
sudo make install

git clone git://
cd libretro-super
sh <path>

SDK Linux - Dev sur android

apktool decode blabla.apk
on modifie puis:
apktool build org.retroidnetplay.652cfa957a2bc54f882ecb048ed8ea1f retroidnetplayv1.apk
puis : 
jdk1.8.0_05/bin/jarsigner -keystore clag.keystore -verbose retroidnetplay/retroidnetplayv1.apk clag

./adb install ../../Retroarch/RetroArch-armv7-v1.0.0.2-r34.apk
./adb push ../../../emu/retroarch/retroarch-pce/fmt.pce /sdcard/download/
you should sign to apk before install.

1)keytool -genkey -keystore (name).keystore -validity 10000 -alias (name)

2)answer some question (ex:name, company...

3)after make keystore file,you combine apk and ketstore

if these file are located same directory

jarsigner -keystore (name).keystore -verbose LunarLander.apk (name)

apk size increase 2kb+;

after this install apk to avd

Emulationstation - Scrapper

On récupere le script:

./scraper -thumb_only=true -image_path="~/.emulationstation/downloaded_images/pcengine"
./scraper -thumb_only=true -use_ovgdb=true -image_path="~/.emulationstation/downloaded_images/pcengine" 1>out.1 2>out.2
puis on recupere les erreurs:
cat out.2 |grep error |cut -d ":" -f 4 |sort |uniq > out.err
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